Save Thousands on your Energy Bills with a Home Solar Panel

  • Generate Free Electricity... For Life!
  • Reduce Energy Bills by up to 70%
  • Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
  • ***Government backed TAX FREE income for 25 years***

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Save the planet and earn extra income with solar panels

For too long the world has been dependent on fossil fuels, and time is running out for us. We’re depleting our natural resources at an astonishing rate and need clean, safe and reliable alternatives before it’s too late.


Solar panels are the most efficient cost-effective alternative to fossil fuels available.

Solar panels can help you power your home for pennies using the most abundant free resource on the planet – sunlight. Even better solar panels will generate an income for you at the same time. The Government-backed Feed-In Tariff is designed to help you slash the costs of generating your own energy so the UK can achieve carbon emissions targets by 2020 - allowing you to earn potentially hundreds of pounds a month tax-free while slashing up to £70 a year on your utilities bills.

You don’t have to live in the Costa del Sol to have solar panels!

Despite our famously wet British summers, there’s more than enough sunlight falling on the UK to generate power from rooftop solar panels. Even in the winter when the hours of daylight reduce, there’s no stopping the panels from generating power. Wet days, cloudy days – nothing fazes them.

The new genweration of PV solar panels means they dont need direct sunlight to work, they work just as well on a cloudy day as a sunny day!


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There’s no moving parts to go wrong, and they don’t emit any kind of gas or contain any toxic materials. As long as a trained expert fits them, they are 100% safe. Our installers are qualfied to accredited stantard so you can rest assured your installation will go smoothly and you will be up and running and saving money in no time!

Suitable for a wide variety of houses

Fitted by experts

Work in overcast and winter weather

Save money

Make money... Tax-free

Quick to install

No planning permission needed

Pitched or flat, it’s not a problem

Long life

Increase the value of your home

No problem switching energy supplier

Saving Example

See how Home Solar Panels can save you money on your energy bill whilst reducing your carbon foot print.

Not only will you save money on your energy bills but you will receive income tax relief on the money you make from the Feed In Tariff, allowing you to build a nice little nest egg courtesy of HMRC!

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